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91 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-10-2015.mp3
90 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 28-09-2015.mp3
89 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 31-08-2015.mp3
88 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 20-07-2015.mp3
87 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 29-06-2015.mp3
86 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 25-05-2015.mp3
85 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 27-04-2015.mp3
84 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 23-03-2015.mp3
83 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 23-02-2015.mp3
82 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-01-2015.mp3


81 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 22-12-2014.mp3
80 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 24-11-2014.mp3
79 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 31-10-2014.mp3
78 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 29-09-2014.mp3
77 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 25-08-2014.mp3
76 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 18-08-2014.mp3
75 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 29-06-2014.mp3
74 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-05-3014.mp3
73 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 28-04-2014.mp3
72 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 31-03-2014.mp3
71 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 24-02-2014.mp3
70 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 27-01-2014.mp3


69 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 22-12-2013.mp3
68 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 25-11-2013.mp3
67 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 28-10-2013.mp3
66 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 30-09-2013.mp3
65 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-08-2013.mp3
64 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 12-08-2013.mp3
63 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 08-07-2013.mp3
62 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 06-05-3013.mp3
61 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 01-04-2013.mp3
60 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 25-02-2013.mp3
59 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 21-01-2013.mp3


58 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 19-11-2012.mp3
57 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 15-10-2012.mp3
56 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 03-09-2012.mp3
55 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 27-08-2012.mp3
54 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 20-08-2012.mp3
53 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 23-07-2012.mp3 
52 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 04-06-2012.mp3
51 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 30-04-2012.mp3
50 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-03-2012.mp3 
49 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 20-02-2012.mp3 
48 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 16-01-2012.mp3 


47 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 12-12-2011.mp3 
46 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 07-11-2011.mp3 
45 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-09-2011.mp3 
44 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 12-09-2011.mp3 
43 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 29-08-2011.mp3 
42 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 22-08-2011.mp3 
41 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 15-08-2011.mp3 
40 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 08-08-2011.mp3 
39 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 01-08-2011.mp3 
38 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 24-07-2011.mp3 
37 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 04-07-2011.mp3 
36 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 27-05-2011.mp3 
35 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 23-05-2011.mp3 
34 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 21-05-2011.mp3 
33 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 14-05-2011.mp3 
32 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 05-05-2011.mp3  
31 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 29-04-2011.mp3  
30 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 22-04-2011.mp3 
29 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 15-04-2011.mp3 
28 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 07-04-2011.mp3 
27 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 01-04-2011.mp3 
26 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 25-03-2011.mp3 
25 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 19-03-2011.mp3 
24 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 12-03-2011.mp3 
23 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 04-03-2011.mp3 
22 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 01-03-2011.mp3 
21 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 24-02-2011.mp3 
20 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 18-02-2011.mp3 
19 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 11-02-2011.mp3 
18 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 03-02-2011.mp3 
17 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 28-01-2011.mp3 
16 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 21-01-2011.mp3 
15 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 14-01-2011(Recarg-sessions I).mp3 
14 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 06 01 2011.mp3 


13 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 24-12-2010.mp3 
12 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 17-12-2010.mp3 
11 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 09-12-2010.mp3 
10 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 03-12-2010.mp3 
09 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 26-11-2010.mp3 
08 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 20-11-2010.mp3 
07 SLUM’S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 11-11-2010.mp3 
06 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 06-11-2010.mp3 
05 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 01-11-2010.mp3 
04 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 29-10-2010.mp3 
03 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 24-10-2010.mp3 
02 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 20-10-2010.mp3 
01 SLUM'S ECLECTIC SESSIONS 18-10-2010.mp3    

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¡Ya se arreglarán los sueños, mañana se arreglarán! ¡Hoy, a soltar y a gozar! Hoy para encontrar el amigo, para olearse en los dos ríos, para hablar con duras mujeres; hoy para irisarse de césped, para ventear a caballo, para silbear en el árbol, para acerarse en las montañas, para huir por las luces anchas perdido entre glorias ruidosas... Hoy para la gran tensión fresca de un vivir sin casa ni venda. ¡Ya se ordenarán los sueños, mañana se ordenarán! ¡Hoy, a romper y a cantar! Juan Ramón Jiménez

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"Estaba dormido y soñaba
que la vida era alegría.
Desperté, y comprendí
que la vida era servicio.
Serví, y descubrí
que el servicio era alegría".

R. Tagore


No te habrá de salvar lo que dejaron escrito aquellos que tu miedo implora; no eres los otros y te ves ahora centro del laberinto que tramaron tus pasos. No te salva la agonía de Jesús o de Sócrates ni el fuerte Siddharta de oro que aceptó la muerte en un jardín, al declinar el día. Polvo también es la palabra escrita por tu mano o el verbo pronunciado por tu boca. No hay lástima en el Hado y la noche de Dios es infinita. Tu materia es el tiempo, el incesante Tiempo. Eres cada solitario instante. Jorge Luis Borges


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